Ora Smith

Ora Smith (December 3, 1884 – July 31, 1965) was an American politician and farmer.

Grain farmer and cattle raiser by trade Ora Smith was born December 3, 1884, in New Market, Iowa. He grew up in Alexis and Kirkwood, Illinois and lived in Biggsville, Illinois most of his adult life. Smith went on to serve six terms in the Illinois State House from 1937 to 1949, one term as Illinois State Treasurer from 1949 to 1951 under Adlai Stevenson II. He made an unsuccessful bid for Clerk of the Illinois Supreme Court in 1950.

In a surprise comeback, Smith defeated Republican incumbent Morris E. Muhleman to represent the 53rd district in the Illinois Senate. Smith served a single term. In the 1962 general election, Republican candidate Donald D. Carpentier of East Moline defeated Smith by a margin of approximately 900 votes.

Smith died on July 31, 1965, at Monmouth Hospital in Monmouth, Illinois. He was buried in Biggsville. Provided by Wikipedia
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